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​Crypto Cloud Punks (CCP) Utility Token, a rising star in the world of crypto currencies, has developed a range of innovative utility features designed to enhance liquidity and sustain the value of the token. In this article, we will explore the various utility features offered by CCP Token, including the CCP Marketplace, CCP Crypto Exchange, CCP Gamified Blockchain Assets, and the CCP Metaverse. In addition, we will explain how these features contribute to the liquidity pool, ensuring a stable and valuable ecosystem for CCP Token holders.
CCP Marketplace: A Hub for Trading and Collecting
​The CCP Marketplace serves as a vibrant ecosystem for trading and collecting blockchain assets. With a commitment to providing a user-friendly and secure platform, the marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and trade various digital assets using CCP Tokens. By allocating 100% of the fees generated to the liquidity pool, the CCP Marketplace plays a pivotal role in strengthening liquidity and maintaining the value of the token.
CCP Crypto Exchange: Seamless Trading Experience
​The CCP Crypto Exchange facilitates the seamless exchange of CCP Tokens with other crypto currencies, allowing users to diversify their portfolios and explore new investment opportunities. With 80% of the exchange fees directed towards the liquidity pool, this utility feature reinforces liquidity and ensures a healthy trading environment for CCP Token holders.
CCP Gamified Blockchain Assets: Combining Fun and Value
​CCP Token introduces a gamified experience by integrating blockchain assets into various games and applications. Through this feature, users can enjoy interactive experiences while earning and trading CCP Tokens. By directing 50% of the revenue generated by gamified blockchain assets to the liquidity pool, CCP Token demonstrates its commitment to sustaining the token's value and fostering an engaging ecosystem for its users.
CCP Metaverse: Unlocking Boundless Possibilities
​The CCP Metaverse offers an immersive virtual world where users can create, trade, and interact with unique digital assets. This innovative concept not only opens up new avenues for creativity and exploration but also contributes 100% of the generated revenue to the liquidity pool. By doing so, CCP Token ensures the continuous growth of its ecosystem, benefiting all token holders.
CCP Secondary Sales: Promoting a Dynamic Market
​CCP Token recognizes the importance of secondary sales in creating a dynamic and liquid market for its users. By allocating 30% of the fees from secondary sales to the liquidity pool, CCP Token incentivizes active trading and ensures a healthy balance between supply and demand.
Crypto Cloud Punks (CCP) Utility Token, CCP Marketplace, CCP Crypto Exchange, CCP Gamified Blockchain Assets, CCP Metaverse, and CCP Secondary Sales, play a vital role in sustaining the value and liquidity of CCP Tokens. By channeling a significant portion of the generated revenue into the liquidity pool, CCP Token demonstrates a commitment to creating a robust ecosystem for its users. As the popularity of CCP Token continues to rise, its utility features will undoubtedly contribute to the token's long-term success and provide an engaging experience for its community.

Get Your Game On

Introducing Virtual Career P2E: A revolutionary Share Market platform and more, fostering sustainability through genuine utilities.


Brand New TESLA

To enter: $CCP & Hold

Our Team.

Abstract Futuristic Background
Abstract Futuristic Background
nft giveaway mustang

Brand New Mustang

Upon 25% mint of CCP

To enter: mint 2 CCP NFTs and mint 1 NFT Scribe Super Pass


CCP Aftermath

Our First Web3 Shooter Game First Map is NYC and other maps to be followed

The game takes place in New York City Fighting Zombies saving humanity, there is a complicated fighting strategy within the environment that leads to Interesting turn of events with unlimited number of Possibilities , this game is using

unity gaming engine.

                The Game is at Beta Test

ccp (6).gif
Virtual Reality Fighter




$CCP Token

CRYPTO CLOUD PUNKS is a revolutionary new crypto token that is designed to change the way we use and interact with digital assets. Our token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is backed by a revolutionary platform that allows users to access a wide range of crypto utilities and services.

The CCP token is the key to unlocking access to our upcoming marketplace, where users can purchase digital assets and services, store cryptocurrency safely, and gain access to exclusive discounts. We invite you to join us on our mission to create a more open and secure digital economy with the CCP token.


Only holders have the ability to customize the Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. However Crypto CloudPunks M.V. is free for the public to visit without the ability to customize anything. Public visitorsmay help with interaction if there are Events, Auctions, or Virtual Stores from big brands so thetraffic will help to push and market the collection and will try to get hold of Crypto cloud PunksNFTs.


P2E - Virtual Career 

Your game assets scripts are extensions to your game plan. You can automate all of your assets
to achieve one goal. For example, if you want to surround a target you can do so by automating
those assets in-game with AI and save time for other tasks. Just keep in mind that this function
will then become available for all the players to use, modify, or copy. Other functions include
management of in-game store fronts that will bring special attention from big name brands to us
within the Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. These management functions will sell all kinds of products
from groceries to airline tickets so you can hold an interactive job during those kinds of events.


Market Front

If you own a real life product and you want us to put it in Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. we can provide
that service so all of your products, sizes, colors, and categories are available for a complete
virtual experience. Note that this subject applies to our community standards.




Two times a year the OG members will be able to select free merchandise from our catalog suchas Hoodies, T-shirts, Sneakers, Hats and a lot more. These will also be available for sale on ourwebsite for the public with 25% of the net profit raffled within the CCP community.

Crypto Cloud Punk 'CCP'  White, Paper Roadmap

Road Map

Quarter 1 - Oct - Dec 2023

Leadership Team Announcement

CCP Whitepaper

CCP Metaverse Video preview 

20 x Partnership Listings

CCP NFT Avatar collection release 
4444 amount 

CCP NFT Vehicle collection release 
2222 amount

End of Quarter Holders Target = 2k community members     

Quarter 2 - Jan - March 2024 

CCP Brand Partnerships

NFT Avatar collection release 3

CCP Metaverse Beta Testing 

CertiK Security Audit

50 x Partnership Listings
End of Quarter Holders Target = 5k holders.  

Quarter 3 - April - June 2024

CCP Metaverse Official Marketing Launch Campaign for Quarter 3 July 2023 release 

CCP NFT special edition releases 
Major Brand Partnerships
75 x Partnership Listings

End of Quarter Holders Target = 10k holders.  

Quarter 4  - July - Sept 2024

$CCP Token Marketing Launch Campaign + Listing onto Tier 1 CEX

$CCP Token Launch onto Voxel X Powered Exchange VoxDEX

Major Brand Partnerships

100 x Partnerships Listings

$CCP Listing onto Tier 1 CEX
Passive Income via $CCP Reward Incentive System

Major NFT Collection Release 

CCP Metaverse official Launch

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