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$CCP Token


Virtual Career


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$CCP Token

CRYPTO CLOUD PUNKS is a revolutionary new crypto token that is designed to change the way we use and interact with digital assets. Our token is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is backed by a revolutionary platform that allows users to access a wide range of crypto utilities and services.

The CCP token is the key to unlocking access to our upcoming marketplace, where users can purchase digital assets and services, store cryptocurrency safely, and gain access to exclusive discounts. We invite you to join us on our mission to create a more open and secure digital economy with the CCP token.


Only holders have the ability to customize the Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. However Crypto CloudPunks M.V. is free for the public to visit without the ability to customize anything. Public visitorsmay help with interaction if there are Events, Auctions, or Virtual Stores from big brands so thetraffic will help to push and market the collection and will try to get hold of Crypto cloud PunksNFTs.


P2E - Virtual Career 

Your game assets scripts are extensions to your game plan. You can automate all of your assets
to achieve one goal. For example, if you want to surround a target you can do so by automating
those assets in-game with AI and save time for other tasks. Just keep in mind that this function
will then become available for all the players to use, modify, or copy. Other functions include
management of in-game store fronts that will bring special attention from big name brands to us
within the Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. These management functions will sell all kinds of products
from groceries to airline tickets so you can hold an interactive job during those kinds of events.


Market Front

If you own a real life product and you want us to put it in Crypto Cloud Punks M.V. we can provide
that service so all of your products, sizes, colors, and categories are available for a complete
virtual experience. Note that this subject applies to our community standards.




Two times a year the OG members will be able to select free merchandise from our catalog suchas Hoodies, T-shirts, Sneakers, Hats and a lot more. These will also be available for sale on ourwebsite for the public with 25% of the net profit raffled within the CCP community.



Shared Royalties:

The Royalties of this project is set to 10%. Every 2 months the Royalties gained from the
secondary sales will be split equally for 100 holders that win the Shared Royalties Split Raffle.
The Shared Royalties Split Raffle or SRSR is randomly held within these 2 months to prepare the
list of 100 random holders for the Shared Royalty Split. The list of the winners from the Shared
Royalties Split Raffle is revealed every two months


In Game Assets:

Warehouses, Shops, and other points of interest.
Cars, Trucks, Horses, Bikes, Ships, Jet Skis, and other vehicles.
Apartments, Houses, Villas, Mansions, and other dwellings


Mining ETH:

8% of the net total income is going to be dropped in the game for the Characters Called
ETH Heads to be able to gain passive income by mining with gains

All of the assets in the game are designed with 3DS Max and customized to work with any
metaverse with high quality graphics, reflections, and shadows. The archive of the game
contains over 10,000 elements. Please note that we have not built all of the elements ourselves.
We have received some of them from companies interested to sell within the marketplace and we
also bought some of them from third parties. We did design most of the work for the best results.

Our goal is to Decentralize everything from shopping to trading, to playing and just enjoying a
good game.

The launch for every topic covered will be after selling 4444, which is 50% of the collection. This
project is already self-funded and ready to be launched, we are just building the community at
this point. So get ready and get prepared, because we’ll see you on the Crypto Cloud, Punks!


Let's Work Together

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